Share Calculator | Share Buy, Sell Calculator

Our Share Calculator is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of your stock market trades. Here's a breakdown of the key components the tool calculates:

  1. Investor Type:

    • General/Institutional Investor
  2. Amount Before Commissions:

    • The initial investment amount before considering any commissions or fees.
  3. Commission:

    • The total commission incurred during the trade.
  4. SEBON Fee:

    • The SEBON (Securities Board of Nepal) fee associated with the transaction.
  5. DP Charge:

    • The Depository Participant charge for managing and maintaining the investor's demat account.
  6. Capital Gain Tax:

    • The tax applied to the capital gains earned from the trade.
  7. Profit/Loss:

    • The net profit or loss resulting from the trade, factoring in all associated costs.
  8. Actual ROI (Return on Investment):

    • The Actual Return on Investment expressed as a percentage, taking into account the overall trade performance.
  9. Amount You Will Receive:

    • This section indicates the final amount that the investor will receive after deducting all commissions, fees, taxes, and accounting for the overall profit or loss.

How to Use the Share Calculator:

  1. Enter the relevant details of your trade, including the initial investment amount.
  2. The calculator will automatically compute the commission, SEBON fee, DP charge, capital gain tax, profit/loss, and the actual return on investment.
  3. The "Amount You Will Receive" section will display the net amount after all deductions.

Why Use Our Share Calculator:

  1. Gain insights into the financial implications of your trades.
  2. Make informed decisions about your investments.
  3. Plan your investment strategy based on accurate calculations.