WWDC 2024:  All biggest announcements from Apple


Apple’s first AI system is coming to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple Intelligence

Siri is getting a major upgrade—and a fresh new look! It understands you better now, even if you mess up your words. You can also type your requests to Siri if you prefer.

Siri 2.0

Apple announced a groundbreaking enhancement to Siri by integrating ChatGPT, promising a seamless and intelligent user experience.

Siri 2.0 + chatGPT

Apple is rolling out a bunch of new AI features across its apps in iOS 18, including a way to summarize emails and generate responses.

AI Features

Apple is introducing a new and more customizable Control Center in iOS 18. It’s also launching a way to freely place app icons on your home screen.

Customizable Control Center

Apple has revealed its own Password manager app "Passwords" that will let you keep track of your login details across different devices.

Password Manager App

The iPad is finally getting Calculator app. It comes with feature called Math Notes, which lets you use Apple Pencil to write equation on iPad and the app will solve it.

Calculator On iPad

Apple’s next macOS update "MacOS Sequoia" will let you mirror your iPhone on your Mac. You’ll be able to interact with your iPhone directly from your Mac.

iPhone Mirror

Apple has announced visionOS 2, its first major update. And, One of the new feature coming to the Vision Pro is, it uses machine learning to bring depth to your existing photo.

visionOS 2